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Creator's site The ingredients I used to make it... from software to people"ware"...

Services and site maintained on Linux servers. The choice of a GNU generation.
Apache Logo
This site is running on the world leading Apache web server... one IIS site less in the world! smile
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Most of this site is developed using PHP. Thank you guys for developing this open source language.
FTP server realized with ProFTPd, one of the best open source FTP daemons.
Web statistics generated by AWStats
DB backend support realized with mysql, the most popular open source database.
Google The search engine of this site is powered by the mighty Google! Thanks for being the best search engine ever made!
I don't know if I will use the same data layer for this site, so I decided to use this powerful library to insert an abstraction layer to the whole architecture.
Valid HTML 4.01!
This site has been widely tested to be compliant with HTML v4.01 standard
Valid CSS!
CSS styles of this site have been validated to be compliant to CSS v2.0 specification.
Powered by Cisco
This site flows through a Cisco powered network! :)
Cable & Wireless
International connection provided by the greatest ISP in world.
ISP connection provided by Unidata
3 hops away from northern Italy greatest NAP: Milan Internet eXchange
3 hops away from central Italy greatest NAP: NAutilus MEditerranean eXchange
Bind domain hosted on THE internet domain software BIND.
Mindcreations site and services are monitored by this full featured software.
Traffic report generated by the Multi Router Traffic Grapher.
PHPBB Forum realized with PHPBB one of the best open source forum softwares written in PHP.
Any browser
I've tested this site on a number of browsers. I felt comfortable surfing it using all of them. Anyway, users of Netscape up to 4.7x, Mosaic and browsers like these will get frustrating viewing at this site. sad
Browsers successfully tested are:
Internet Explorer v4.x up, Firefox v1.0 up (and Gecko based browsers), Opera v6.05 up, Konqueror smile
To browse this site you can use even Lynx (the popular *nix text based web browser). Obviously you'll miss something in gfx but the site will be completely accessible.
Creative Commons
Contents of this site are published under the Creative Commons license.

Also thanks go to...

Lorenzo Colitti (Lor) - "Where" section coding
Renato Medini (Skorza) - Gfx design & style review
Francesco Oleni (Kenny) - HTML & CSS hints
Andrea Sofia (Andy) - HTML hints
Andrea Mazzilli - Gfx design suggestions
Valentina Angioj (Dot) - Usability suggestions
Gabriele Giansante (Gabry) - r programming & quality
Marco Dellantonio (Cabra) - Programming suggestions
Fabio Ambrosanio (Slomo) - Programming suggestions
Stefania Esposito (Principessa) - English review and general perception
Elda Dallan - General impressions
Gabriele Guerrieri (Axl Rose) - Signaling about security flaws
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